“This partnership was not about creating another Linde Werdelin piece,” says Linde Werdelin’s co-founder and creative mind Morten Linde. “We wanted to see how TBlack could combine their own unique style DNA with the Linde Werdelin design DNA we have evolved. The result is something familiar yet distinct from our own series.”

    Watch-bespoke specialist Titan Black has found a common sparkle with Linde Werdelin the adventurer. When they meet, instead of spending a few months discussing back and forth, only a fortnight is needed from realising the concept to a finished Monochrome series.

    Spido is made for ultimate expedition towards The Nature, fulfilling the extreme demand of skiing and diving. Weight-reduction, durability and functionality are the essences behind.  Linde Werdelin challenges Titan Black to add value on top of these sport timepieces. After 125 hours of customisation by Titan Black’s highly-skilled watchmaking professionals, Monochrome is born to showcasing the beauty in simplicity, bearing the characteristic refinement of Titan Black, remaining true to the carefully-crafted Linde Werdelin design DNA.

    The SpidoSpeed x Titan Black is the chronograph of this collaborative series, its steel case exposed by Titan Black. Its date-only counterpart, the SpidoLite x Titan Black, features a titanium case that underwent similar processes and treatment. The original DLC crowns (and pushers, for the SpidoSpeed) now contrast against the case of the watch. In both the SpidoSpeed and SpidoLite, the sub-dials were transformed to white, creating a two-tone look complementing the now-silver dials, with their numerals and markers reprinted in black.

    Limited to 10 pieces each, Monochrome series is now available for pre-order. Know more by visiting The Lavish Attic.

    by The Lavish Attic HK