• MCT – Architecture on Wrist

    For the first brand to insert concept of architecture on watchmaking, MCT doesn’t simply for the sake of making the timepiece more complex, but creates a sapphire window for curious connoisseurs to look into a chamber of time.

    The titanium grade 5 square-shaped case accentuates its futuristic quality; the scale of prism, C-shape rotating sapphire disc and case are customized relative to beholder’s eyes, in which the grid layout is directly parallel to viewer’s line of sight. The oblique and elegant supporting parts deliver a sense of spatial depth, as a result, the structure converges in the center of dial, which forms a fine-drawn architectural vanishing point that directs the wearer’s sight to the hour prism and minute disc by two hands accordingly.

    In order to highlight the skeletonized multi-stratum movement, a layer of sapphire crystal is discreetly placed in between the two main elements of case body that draws natural light into the case. MCT enhances the perception of the dial as a lively 3D object, also give birth to an improbable ever-changing architecture.

    The Sequential one S110 series includes four diverse stunning versions – The Black DLC (Diamond Like carbon) coating is available in both red and monochrome dial versions. The black on black style is no doubt a low profile choice for sophisticated collectors, it underlines the magnificent quality of Satin-finishing; the red dial version amplifies the contrast against the case and strap, without a question, the glowing red is the fire in the dark. The Blank Titanium version demonstrates the visionary essence of MCT, the reflection of every single component glorifies speed, technology and preciseness. Black dial titanium version is a versatile model for any events and circumstances, it is definitely comfortable on the wrist as a wearable art.

    by The Lavish Attic HK