Benoît Mintiens, industrial designer, founder of Ressence

Watch Anish, the hottest Instagram star; Alex Kollakis and Luke Waite, co-founder of Titan Black

Marco Lang, founder of Lang & Heyne, former AHCI vice-chairman

Felix Baumgartner, co-founder and master watchmaker of Urwerk

Jorn Werdelin, co-founder, visionary and driving force behind Linde Werdelin

MCT the best team ever: founder Denis Giguet, Managing Director David Keel, CEO Pierre Jacques

David Gouten, managing partner and co-founder of Manufacture Royale

Martin Frei, co-founder and chief designer of Urwerk

Yann Perrin, CEO and co-owner of leather strap specialist ABP Paris

Caroline Gaspard, founder and director of unisexual French jewellery Akillis

Morten Linde, co-founder and creative mind behind Linde Werdelin universe

Martin Frei and Felix Baumgartner, co-founder of Urwerk

Antoine Preziuso, founder of Antoine Preziuso and his son Florian the watchmaker

Workaholic as Benoît do not always leave workshops and Switzerland. His presence in Hong Kong shows his greatest support to The Lavish Attic. Luckily we are always the first to receive Ressence novelties.

Titan Black launches in Asia with regional partners The Lavish Attic & Watch Anish, offering a valuable addition to Titan Black’s expanding international network. Watches are treated with a superior “diamond-like carbon”, or DLC, coating, which bestows them with the most desirable properties of a diamond - hardness, durability and slickness, and makes them aesthetically captivating. And guess what, watch bespoke specialist Titan Black is visiting to Hong Kong soon!

Marco Lang does not accept anything less then the best, having faith in restoring the beauty of traditional Dresden fine watchmaking. In the coming May he will present his passion and novelties of Lang & Heyne in The Lavish Attic.

Felix is grown surrounded by exceptional timepieces in his father's restoration atelier and enrolled in the prestigious Solothurn Watchmaking School in Switzerland. Only he can realize the crazy borderless imagination of Urwerk.

Linde Werdelin is celebrating 10th anniversary! Co-founder Jorn Werdelin is the third generation in a family of jewellers as well as an avid skier and diver. A ski accident inspired the birth of a sport watch, combining analogue and digital that delivers style and function.

Come and meet them in May to know more stories behind. Pierre Jacques is appointed as MCT CEO; David Keel is well known for market expansion; Denis Giguet, the founder and creative mastermind of the brand, has finally returned to the family. Short within one year MCT has already surprised the market with the innovative S220 Bronze and Dodekal.

David Gouten from Manufacture Royale is coming to The Lavish Attic in April! With a strong watch business background, David inherits the values and creation of the brand. All movements are made in house, guaranteeing mechanical and decorative excellence.

"I did not find having an art background limiting; instead, my art opened new horizons in watch design." Martin Frei stretches the blueprint of Urwerk. He is going to unveil more when he comes to HK in September this year!

ABP Paris customizes straps for whatever watches. CEO Yann Perrin has delivered training in The Lavish Attic, ensuring precise measurement will be taken. The only worry customer has is making choice of out 50 leathers and 100 colours.

Caroline Gaspard owns a free spirit which stands outside convention and dares to live differently. Her adrenaline-charged designs are refreshingly bold, reflecting the need - among both men and women - for a new kind of jewellery that allows people to assert their personality. Despite her cosmopolitan nature, she remains strongly partisan to French jewellery-making expertise.

Morten Linde is a true aesthete and proponent of sound design. The use of 3DTP carbon, ALW, forge carbon etc reveals his unlimited experiments of material and shape. The signature angular facets of Linde Werdelin is one of the achievement from advance technology.

Introducing UR105CT, Urwerk is celebrating the 20th year anniversary with further attempts to lead the market.

Thanks Antoine Preziuso and his son Florian to be here to say congratulation to Urwerk 20th year anniversary.

Always obsessed with fully engraving on such a small watch case. A overwhelming haptic experience on this Urwerk EMC Time Hunter.

Balance Wheel and second hand painted in striking red, a horological interpretation of heart beat on Manufacture Royale 1770 Voltige.

Just to make sure you cannot recognize this Titan Black Newman Oro is cusotmized from Rolex Daytona 116528. 18ct Yellow Gold with complete TB-MAB II finish.

Special Edition White TB Ceramic Particle Coating (CPC). Unique White Dial with Black Detailing and Luminous Markers. We love Titan Black Himalaya so much.

Never challenge Titan Black when it comes to customization. Unique brown Lathbridge dial with Battern Markers; complete Diamond-like Carbon (DLC) Coating in distinctive chocolate brown. This Lathbridge Daytona By Patrick Cox proves how Titan Black handles colours well.

Master engraver Matthias Köhler from Lang & Heyne contrives to realize all the desired motives in a splendid way. So you can design the one and only balance cock, plate or hinged lid.

If the customised watch is not rare enough to you, here is the option to be the one and only watch that fit yourself perfectly: Bespoke hand crafted strap with insane variety of leathers available by ABP Paris.

Due to the good relationship with fashion brands, ABP Paris can supply your watch straps with Hermes handbag leather. Be the one in HK.

This is the one off unique piece: Submariner Carbon Pack with yellow features, which you cannot find on Titan Black website but The Lavish Attic.

Limited edition is not going to be a personal statement, but customization allow you to own the one and only in the world. Chinese name engraved on the edge of Urwerk 103 RG case.

Ruby pigeon blood on the crown, a perfect highlight of Lang & Heyne Heinrich white gold version, not to mention constant force, dead beat second and anterograde date indication .

Customers can freely submit ideas to Linde Werdelin 10th anniversary edition 10-24. So this time you are one of the designer in drafting the case back.